Pembroke Corgi Welsh

This is a breed that needs to be quick and agile even after herding all day in order to avoid the cattle s kicking hooves.

Pembroke corgi welsh. The pembroke welsh corgi s history can be traced back to the 10th century making it a very old canine breed. Share the pembroke is the more popular of the two corgis breeds. The pembroke welsh corgi is moderately long and low less heavily boned than the cardigan welsh corgi.

Not to be confused with its close relative the cardigan welsh corgi the pembroke welsh corgi is a friendly and jovial dog breed that makes a great family pet. All material on this website is copyright protected either by the pembroke welsh corgi club of america inc. Welsh for dwarf dog is a cattle herding dog breed that originated in pembrokeshire wales.

Our desire in breeding these beautiful puppies started when i had many people approach me asking where they could get one of my beautiful babies. He loves to play games and enjoys traveling with the family. Telling the difference between the two for the common person can most.

Separate and distinct breed from the cardigan. The pembroke welsh corgi is the younger of the two corgi breeds and is a separate and distinct breed from the cardigan. Pwcca or by their respective authors or artists.

Growing up these beautiful tiny puppies was not an uncommon thing. The pembroke welsh corgi is an energetic dog that can live well in the city or the country. Spirited and athletic steady and dependable the pembroke welsh corgi is a true big dog on short legs herding obedience agility or chasing balls with surprising speed are enjoyable outlets for his enthusiasm and desire to work.

My family and friends are breeders of mini puppies and seeing these amazing. The pembroke welsh corgi ˈ k ɔːr ɡ i. Permission to reprint or electronically reproduce any document or graphic in whole or in part for any reason is expressly prohibited unless prior written consent is obtained from the.

He s also a quick learner so does well in obedience classes.

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