Merle Great Dane Temperament

Merle great dane temperament.

Merle great dane temperament. However you may still hear people make the claim that merle great danes have a unique temperament compared with other members of the breed. Breeding a merle great dane with another merle great dane can produce a double merle puppy. He doesn t do well when left alone.

The merle great dane puppies are minimal to average active canines. The great dane truly nicknamed the gentle giant is one of the friendliest and most even tempered dogs you can have in your household. Given the captivating temperament of the great dane merle great dane temperament is affectionate.

Great dane temperament despite the breed s imposing appearance the great dane temperament is friendly. The great dane is typically a gentle giant easygoing and mild mannered. The blue merle great dane temperament is no different from any other great dane temperament.

The merle great dane dogs are benign holding a tender heart amenable and friendly no less. First we must make clear that there is no marked difference in the temperaments of merle great danes and non merle great danes. The great dane temperament is gentle yet active which is an excellent combination for busy households with children.

While they are beautiful dogs breeding merles can result in stillborn or sick puppies blindness and deafness. Above all this sociable breed needs companionship. Coat colouring does not affect the temperament of a dog.

Breeding merle great danes is considered unethical by the great dane club of america s breeder s code of ethics and should not be done intentionally. He needs only moderate exercise but does need space and shouldn t be cramped into studio apartments and postage stamp yards. It is a sweet affectionate pet that has a desire to please and stays close to its people.

They want to be with their people and often don t do well when left alone for long periods of time. If you are considering a blue merle great dane pup you have nothing to be worried about. Great danes typically have dependable and spirited personalities and are sociable mild mannered and easy going dogs.

The great dane is often described as the gentle giant. As previously stated these pups thrive when they are with their human counterparts and they should be apart of a family that can provide them with the level of attention they need to stay happy and healthy. Because of its amiable disposition it gets along well with strangers and greets them happily.

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