Merle European Great Dane Puppies

Merle great dane temperament.

Merle european great dane puppies. We will provide all the documents upon purchase. Blue merle great dane breeding. Darla also has her pedigree along with her rabies shots all through a licensed veterinarian.

Buy 100 european great dane puppies in southern california. This is a genetic no no that can create severely life limiting or fatal health issues for the puppy. Beautiful female great dane puppy with all of her shots and akc registration.

Having a merle great dane is dependent on having the merle gene which is responsible for the grey base coat. However the latter is the preferred breeding method. Blue merle great dane puppies for sale.

Merle patterned great danes can be very healthy dogs but breeding two merle dogs together can be risky. Puppies with two merle genes one from each parent can potentially cause health problems. Breeding a merle great dane with another merle great dane can produce a double merle puppy.

Even though they are beautiful blue merle and other merle patterned danes should not be bred. Our all of great danes have 100 european bloodlines and come with full akc registration.

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