Harlequin Blue Blue Merle Great Dane Puppy

26 01 2014 and are waiting for new loving homes.

Harlequin blue blue merle great dane puppy. Hi all we have top quality harlequin white and merle great dane puppies for sale at coimbatore out of champion and import linage puppies dob. We will provide all the documents upon purchase. These colors are considered show acceptable.

However any dog with the merle gene is not guaranteed to have blue eyes forever. Blue merle great dane breeding. Their blue eyes may last from puppy through adulthood.

Beautiful female great dane puppy with all of her shots and akc registration. Great danes of this pattern can come in many different colors and all look unique from one another. This is a genetic no no that can create severely life limiting or fatal health issues for the puppy.

Merle great danes are beautiful animals. Find blue and merle great dane puppiess from a breeder near you. Merle great dane temperament.

Blue merle great dane puppies for sale. The merle pattern can provide an absolutely beautiful coat to an already well built and stunning breed. It s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site.

Fawn brindle black harlequin mantle blue and merle are the seven standard colors recognized by the great dane club of america. Puppies with two merle genes one from each parent can potentially cause health problems. Whilst in merle great dane dogs blue eyes could be a sign of probable health problems.

The merle coloration was only recognized by the american kennel club in 2018 and is the last on our list of great dane colors. Merle patterned great danes can be very healthy dogs but breeding two merle dogs together can be risky. By comparison blue great danes that are produced from harlequins may have stunning blue eyes at birth that unfortunately change as they grow older.

This coat is similar in appearance to the harlequin color and because of this some confusion does occur. Darla also has her pedigree along with her rabies shots all through a licensed veterinarian. Even though they are beautiful blue merle and other merle patterned danes should not be bred.

It is due to the fact that a double merle is a lot more prone to diseases than other great danes. However you can still register your merle great dane as pure breed with the american kennel club. Their flawed genetic makeup mainly renders a merle or double merle great dane subject to many ailments counting blindness and deafness.

Merle great dane the merle color has more variation than other coats as fawn blue or gray can be mixed in. At lowest reasonable price original pictures of puppies and adult are attached if you are interested call me for more details 9043467598. Breeding a merle great dane with another merle great dane can produce a double merle puppy.

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