German Shepherd Puppy Playing Video

Husky is totally confused by german shepherd puppy addition duration.

German shepherd puppy playing video. Dog and crow play fetch together the german shepherd s owner after discovering an abandoned baby crow in the woods brought it home to raise. Buzzvideos like us on facebook to see similar stories please give an overall site rating. Hi we welcome you to meet luci and delta.

He will understand that you re not having fun. Zoey playing with her dad bravo who was a certified therapy dog. Sadly bravo passed away in february.

This video shows an unusual friendship of a german shepherd dog and a crow. 02 01 9 9 2020 shira the siberian husky doesn t know what to think after being introduced to enzo the german shepherd puppy. We are happy he can continue to bring joy to peopl.

Life is better with a german shepherd puppies dogs. After seeing this puppy s reaction it s pretty clear who the culprit is. When a german shepherd puppy bites his sibling his sibling yelps so the german shepherd puppy learns to bite gently.

German shepherd puppy answers telephone for service dog training duration. So when your german shepherd puppy bites you you need to yelp loudly. Watch them playing fetch together with a ping pong ball.

Please share it and subscribe. This adorable german shepherd duo lays on the couch and duke it out to see who will get the most comfortable spot. Both are full breed german shepherd dogs.

Hi and welcome to daily picks and flicks. German shepherd biting arms. Theo theo fulltimeham rudi.

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