Dogs That Look Like Great Danes

Contrary to popular belief small size doesn t necessarily an apartment dog make.

Dogs that look like great danes. The american kennel club recognizes different types of great dane based on their coat color patterns and markings. Plenty of small dogs are too high energy and yappy for life in a high rise. Go to the great dane club of america website or say san diego great dane club.

We found him on the side of the road and took him to the vet and hes healthy so we adopted him. Types of great dane. I really want a great dane but my husband says absolutely not because they are so huge.

Are there any smaller breeds that have the same temperament as great danes. Many people are familiar with the towering statuesque appearance of a great dane but since they re not so common in daily life other people might not be so sure whether that large breed dog they saw in the park is a great dane or some other breed. I love how they are so gentle and loyal but will defend you if you need it.

So my boyfriend and i will be in my apartment for another 4 months and we adopted a 2 month old great dane. Anyway our apartment doesnt allow great danes but if we get caught with him what is a type of dog we could say he is. Firm high set well arched and muscular neck broad and deep chest short level back.

High set broad at the base slightly curved when excited.

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