Dogs That Look Like Great Danes But Smaller

Any dog breeds similar to great danes.

Dogs that look like great danes but smaller. The great dane is known as a gentle giant whose love and devotion has made them the 16th most popular breed in the united states. 110 175 pounds 49 90 79 38 kg height. Great dane coat coat type.

I love the temperament of great danes. Check out a great dane rescue near you and see if they have any mixes or smaller adults available. A dignified breed like the great dane is known for their regal stature.

Are there any smaller breeds that have the same temperament as great danes. I love how they are so gentle and loyal but will defend you if you need it. Great danes have tall powerful yet elegant frames.

Great danes are often referred to as the apollo of dogs and their handsome appearance is a large part of the reason why. This practice is known as designer dog breeding which results in a mix born of. The final word on the miniature great dane.

Danes are pretty much the perfect family dog if you ignore their size. Like many giant breeds the great dane already has a short life span that is subject to a host of health issues. With their handsome features tender personality and undeniable popularity the great dane has become a popular choice to mix with other canines in the pursuit of the ideal giant breed.

It is possible mixing them with a smaller breed could improve some of these problems. I really want a great dane but my husband says absolutely not because they are so huge. They re so friendly and pretty relaxed most of the time.

Someone posted a labrador great dane mix the other day that looked like a poorly bred dane but was lab sized basically. All great danes feature a smooth short coat that lies very close to the body almost giving them a shaven. Remember that no breed is 100 hypoallergenic and any breed can aggravate allergies.

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