Blue Double Merle Great Dane Colors

These colors are considered show acceptable.

Blue double merle great dane colors. Merle great danes are beautiful animals. Merle great dane the merle color has more variation than other coats as fawn blue or gray can be mixed in. The chocolate and white.

The unofficial great dane colors. However you can still register your merle great dane as pure breed with the american kennel club. Blue great dane eye color.

As hinted at above there are many variations of the merle coat. The great dane comes in a variety of eye catching colors including. The merle coloration was only recognized by the american kennel club in 2018 and is the last on our list of great dane colors.

In reality this eye color is typical in blue great dane puppies born from harlequin breeding. In addition to the seven officially recognized great dane coat colors there are several unofficial colors. Blue eyed blue great dane dogs are not rare at all.

Eyes of a blue great dane could bear any of the following colors. Fawn brindle black harlequin mantle blue and merle are the seven standard colors recognized by the great dane club of america.

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