Blue Boston Terrier Breeders

Champion pedigreed cream boston terriers blues and puppies champagne boston terriers.

Blue boston terrier breeders. Our pups range in color from red to blue to brindle to fawn to splash and of course the always popular black and white beauties. Boston terrier prices can vary based on breeder location experience puppy pedigree coat color puppy size and even gender. We are full of adventure always ready for play yet content to snuggle and always ready for the ride.

The problem is there is no such thing as a miniature boston terrier. Please examine them carefully i am sure when you compare you will agree as many others have that carry the finest quality american gentleman boston terriers in color with quality substance in the united states of america. Detroit mi united states 92 67 mi.

Located in the heart of the heartland where the sun is usually shining we have a family of terriers. It is a dilution of the traditional black color and is a result of poor breeding practices. Blue skies terriers living free.

It seems to be all the rage at this time. Color especially can affect price such as with gray boston terrier splash boston terrier blue boston terrier puppies for sale red boston terrier puppy for sale etc. There are some people who are against breeders who try to produce these unique boston s due to health issues.

In fact boston terriers can have many different colours many of which are rare and you ll find a list of them below. Many blue boston s have been reported to have hair loss skin problems and allergies. Blue water boston terriers.

Blue cream fawn boston terriers and puppies. Well that all depends. The akc doesn t recognize colored boston terriers such as red liver chocolate or blue.

Thank you for choosing hunter ridge bostons. Many years ago we started with the powerful champion lines of raja pic below and kept only a few females from our litters to keep his lines going. Matter of fact we have 3 females.

However i could not find a reputable website demonstrating how these blue boston s would have more health issues than any other boston terrier if you can find one please contact me with the contact button to let me know. We have a very few boston terriers we breed. The blue boston terrier is increasing in popularity.

We offer only a couple litters a year but we know they are some of the best. Have you seen the advertisements for mini boston terriers. Here at dawn s boston s we specialize in the breeding and raising of boston terriers.

Our farm has plenty of space for the pups to run and play and we offer the best care for our puppy parents and the little pups. Blue boston terriers are super cute. If you re up for a new adventure or need a friend to continue yours we have a.

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