Black Great Dane Puppy 6 Weeks

This is our 12 20 09 quarter european litter sired by kadans wanted man aka doc holliday and radakis.

Black great dane puppy 6 weeks. The puppy can be having bad reactions to the food so take him to the vet asap. This video was taken shortly after dinner time when the. She is a great dane 6 weeks old.

Comment down below any questions you may have what you think of our new baby girl. Thank you all for watching make sure you subscribe so u don t miss her updates. Also let us know if you have a great dane.

Yet the range of average weight and height for male and female great dane puppies at 7 8 weeks are different. I had my puppy at 5 1 2 weeks old you need to maybe use formula as well but you cannot switch a puppies food fast you need to gradually introduce the food to him while mixing little by little into his original food. At the age of 6 weeks your puppy should be showing more interest in your food mixture.

This video was taken shortly after dinner time when the puppies are most playful and energetic. Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on youtube. Bringing home our great dane puppy 6 weeks.

A female great dane puppy lies at the lower end of the range whilst for male great dane puppies higher end is suggested. If he is excited by the mixture and eating it well without stomach upset you can begin to decrease the amount of water in the mixture while increasing the quantity of food. Although the average weight and height for a great dane puppy at 7 8 weeks is between 18 26 pounds.

Meet our new beautiful puppy welcome hazel to the family.

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